ON Sunday 13th November 2011 one of the married ladies in our church had a massive stroke, was rushed into Frenchey Hospital Bristol and taken straight to the stroke ward. They found she had a blood clot which of course was very dangerous and she needed an immediate operation, unfortunately Sagarika’s blood pressure was far too high for an operation.

In the meantime our Church was praying and two women from the church went on the following day to visit and pray for her. When they got there, they found Sagarika in a very poor state hardly conscious (she was on morphine) and paralysed on the left side,

The following day the Church elder and another member went to visit and pray and reported back that her condition had not changed. On the third day the Pastor and his wife were able to visit (He had been delayed because of a sciatica attack) The Pastor and his wife laid hands and prayed in the name of Jesus – literally in moments Sagarika was speaking in her own language to her husband and in English to the Pastor and his wife. Later Sagarikas daughter who has just finished university in America was amazed to be able to speak to her Mother on the mobile.

Sagarika told the Pastor when she was prayed for she felt a power go through her body she is now back at Church, Her daughter has converted to Christ and is now part of a church in America, one of the doctors later told Sagarika she had had a Miracle and her Moslem flat manager said God had done a miracle.

There was no need for an operation the blood clot was dispersed.



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