In Luke 24, we read of the two despondent disciples walking away from Jerusalem on the Emmaus road. They are discussing every thing that happened over the period we call Easter, They of course only know of the trial and crucifixion of our Lord. How all their hopes may have seemed dashed like a smashed pot into a thousand pieces, Total Despair yet only moments away they were to be joined by the very one who has conquered death. Jesus Christ our risen lord. They were soon to go from that awful feeling of total despair to a Great and Enduring feeling of hope. That word hope is such an important ingredient in the make up of us who are human.

John Bunyan the writer of Pilgrims Progress wrote that “hope is never ill when faith is well”, Friends we all need hope, even more so as we live through times like we have never known before. It is a fact when people have no Hope, they despair and start to fall apart but in all situations past and present there is always hope when we trust in God, Paul the apostle encourages us in Romans 15:4 this is what he writes: “for every thing that was written in the past was written to teach us, so that through endurance and encouragement of the scriptures we might have hope”. In other words reading the scriptures gives us hope; our bibles are designed to give us hope. God has done this I’m sure that many laying in a hospital bed this very day are remembering a bible story of hope, remembering in the bad times what was learnt scripture reading in the good times.

That’s why in our church the children are all taught the Lords Prayer, Every Sunday morning we say it together adults and children. Recently in our lockdown we had no bread after being let down by a large supermarket. I remembed the Lords Prayer “ Give us this day our daily bread” I didn’t phone to ask for help, this wasn’t pride, I was trusting in Gods word, Out of the blue a friend phoned me who was still working in a food shop we soon had enough bread.

CS Lewis the Christian writer speaking of hope writes “a continual looking forward to the eternal hope”. Recently someone said to me everyone should read the Bible stories he was not a true believer or practising Christian, He was of course correct there are so many inspiring stories of continued hope of better times whilst enduring testing times. The story of Joseph, given two dreams as a teenager, which was to prove that God had chosen him for great things, But not until he has been through testing times, 13 years later his hope became a reality and he impacted many people lives, As he used his God given talents of organisation to feed many saving his own family from famine and others to. Proverbs 24:16 says “no matter how often an honest man falls, he always gets up again”. Joseph was knocked back five times (by my counting) but hope in God kept him on track, and for good reason every hero of scripture needed new beginnings, Adam and Eve after they ate the forbidden fruit, Moses after he killed the Egyptian, David after his adulterous relationship, Elijah after an emotional breakdown in the desert, the Disciples after Good Friday, and maybe you today?

I quote the Apostle Paul yet again who gives us the true meaning of hope “now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see” Hebrews 11:1 This is true hope looking forward for something in the future we cannot see in the present just as John Bunyan wrote Hope is never ill when faith is well”

Friends, to have real hope, we need to trust in Jesus.

God calls all to repent of our sins and to ask Jesus into our lives.

Why not take that step today?

God Bless 

Pastor Terry


First published on: 18th April 2020